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Take Your PowerPoint From Mess to Success 
(Due to technical difficulties, only the last 45 minutes or so of the presentation were captured on video. My apologies.)

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Slide Design/Research Experts

Jennifer Kammeyer

Dave Paradi

Dave Paradi's YouTube channel  Here's an example of a makeover of a slide with a graph

Cliff Atkinson

Garr Reynolds

Nancy Duarte

Chris Atherton

Michael Alley 

Image Sites

Stock Xchng


Videos - Research effectively presented with slides

Simon Raybould explains cloud computing

Rachel Armstrong, TEDGlobal - Architecture that repairs itself

Hans Rosling, 2010 TEDxChange - The good news of the decade

Hans Rosling, 2009 TEDIndia - Asia's rise: how and when

Hans Rosling, 2007 - New insights on poverty

Hans Rosling, 2006 - The best stats you've ever seen!

General Presentation Reading

Recommended Reading

Free Public Speaking Handouts

Visit the Speak Schmeak Blog


101 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking

"7-Week Shortcut to Public Speaking Confidence" e-course

Free Public Speaking Handouts

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Dealing With Hecklers - Always be prepared when dealing with difficult audience members. Turn a heckler into an ally!

7 Ways to Practice Public Speaking at Work - find opportunities to practice, and your skills and confidence will continue to improve

What to Do With That Pesky Microphone - use this list to check your microphone handling skills before a presentation

Presentation Tools Checklist - make sure you have everything you need before you go to your presentation

Presentation Readiness Checklist - use this checklist to organize yourself from the moment you get the gig

Foods and Drinks to Avoid Before Speaking - did you know that some foods and drinks inhibit your ability to speak effectively?

Powerful Presentation Tips - my top ten most critical points for successful public speaking

Relaxation and Vocal Preparation Exercises - prepare your voice and body and reduce anxiety at the same time

Recommended Reading

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